Quality Policy

The Quality Policy is kept up to date on a regular basis. This policy is disseminated in the company through training talks and publication in different sections of the company. In addition, all relevant stakeholders are informed through their public exposure on the company's website.


In GUARNICIONERÍA HNOS. GÓMEZ, S.L. we are dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of saddlery products and our priority objective is to achieve a greater presence in the market of saddlery products both nationally and internationally.


To do this we propose all the people who are part of the company to continuously improve the internal processes of the same committing all to:

  • Meet the needs and expectations of our customers, as well as the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Offer our clients more information about the products we design, produce and market.
  • Provide a good service that produces satisfaction to our customers.
  • Have the most advanced technical and human resources in the sector.
  • Manufacture the products with the required quality at the lowest possible cost.
  • Select and evaluate the technical quality of our suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Establish objectives compatible with the context and strategic direction of the organization.
  • Investigate to improve our current products and services both from a technical and aesthetic point of view and create new products to offer to the market.


With these principles we can continuously improve the processes of the company and get SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.