Terms and Conditions


-    Orders with a net amount greater than or equal to € 1000 will be shipped free of charge up to their destination in the European Union.
-    Any other means of transport will be paid by the customer.
-    For lower orders, especially heavy or bulky orders (ex horseshoes, ..), the shipping cost will be charged in invoice according to the carrier's rate.
-    Please proceed to check the status of the goods upon receipt, making any incidents before the carrier.
-   The reception of the goods implies acceptance of our general conditions of sale.

-    The photographs, descriptions and characteristics contained in our catalog are considered only for information purposes, and can be modified without prior notice.
-    The prices expressed on our website and brochures include taxes, but the invoice will be reflected separately.
-    Any item that requires modification by the client, will have a different price than the one attached to the rate.

-    Against reimbursement, in this case you must pay the merchandise to the carrier and the service expenses, which will also be reflected in the invoice and in your shopping cart.
-    Prior payment by bank transfer, if you choose this form of payment you must make a bank transfer to the account number reflected in the invoice, once the payment is reflected, the shipment will be sent.
-    Payment by card through a virtual POS, or through your PayPAl account.

-   Inadequate handling of the goods is excluded from the guarantee of our products.

     Changes and / or refunds are accepted within 7 calendar days of the receipt of the item's  buyer.
     For changes and returns, it is essential:
-    Contact GOMEZ and tell us the problem, we will respond in less than 24 hours with a customized solution.
-    Items in poor condition, will be replaced by another in good condition with carriage by GOMEZ.
-   The returns of material must be previously authorized by our Commercial Department, always in full containers and products without deterioration.
-    If there is a return within the stipulated period and for reasons unrelated to our company, it will always be freight paid by the customer.
-    We will not accept returns of material postage due, if they do not come through our usual transportation agency..
-    No refunds of special items requested by the client.